The Robert's Remodeling & Construction Experience 


Most remodeling and construction projects introduce at least a small element of chaos into our lives and schedules; knowing this, Robert's Remodeling & Construction Co. Inc. strives to make the remodeling and construction experience as enjoyable and organized as we can so we are able to minimize the disruption and stress in our customer's lives. We believe that our design/build process is the best way to meet this challenge. Robert's Remodeling & Construction Co. Inc. is dedicated to creating a collaborative environment and providing you with realistic expectations which allows you to make informed decisions about your design choices and make the process of remodeling and construction more enjoyable for you. Although projects may vary greatly, from a kitchen remodel to complex whole house renovations, the basic steps in the design process remain the same. By establishing a personal relationship and working with you as a team, we're sure to achieve the result we all envision: a home that's uniquely and comfortably yours. 


You may contact us by calling our office at 330.923.1940, or feel free to send us an email. Please visit our contact page for more information. Next, Rob or Doug, the owners of the company, will call you to schedule an appointment to discuss your project and ideas. Afterwards, you will be presented with budgetary costs. 

Once the decision has been made to work with our company you may rest assured that you will only deal with Rob or Doug. They will assist you with design layouts, material selections and be involved in the day to day operation of your project. Rob and Doug will be the first and last people you see on your job.